Degen Nation



An experimental approach to building a company that is owned & operated by a DAO

Why only own goods or stocks of a company you like?

What if you could truly own a part of the company & grow with it?

Web 3.0 & blockchain provides us with opportunities to do things differently!

A global permissionless organization which provides chances for everyone to participate, contribute & get rewarded.

Sounds like the future? You are right & this future is starting right now!



The DN DAO Founder Pass is your key to becoming a part of this future.

1337 NFTs represent ownership in the companies of the DAO.

By owning & staking a Founder Pass NFT you will be eligible for shares of the profits generated by those companies in the future.

The DN DAO Founder Pass comes in 3 classes of rarity. Each class has its own benefits. The rarer the class, the higher the benefits.




Total Supply: 1337

Price: 1.337 $SOL for public sale / 1 $SOL for whitelist

Presale: SOLD-OUT

Remaining Supply: 1111

Rarity: 69 Executive / 269 Management / 999 Operations



By buying a DN DAO Founder Pass you are buying into the ownership of the companies that the DAO is going to run. We will start with a streetwear brand & branch out over time into different sectors. Our streetwear is produced by a company that is around since 2004 & is known to deliver only high quality products. 

Become a founder of the Nation – There will only be 1337 DN DAO Founder Passes ever

We like the art – With our banner tool you can combine dope backdrops from indie artists with your own NFTs

Being part of the Nation grants you exclusive access to future mints, IRL events and more

Our merch  hits different. Own designs beyond just a printed logo. For Degens By Degens.

Big Degen Energy – Alpha Juice is only the beginning


Our crypto themed & hip hop styled designs will be available as T-Shirts, Hoodies & Caps for our first streetwear collection.
We will increase the available items to beanies, socks & others over time.
All items will be printed to order.


DN DAO Founder Pass NFTs grant ownership of the DAOs companies.
30% of the profits generated by those companies will be allocated to holders of Founder Pass NFTs.
By staking the NFTs holders will be able to claim their share of the profits in the future.
The remaining 70% go into the DAO treasury for future growth, investments and payrolls. The release of a second, more art focused collection is planned. This collection will be representing ownership in the DAO company’s as well. 20% of the remaining 70% will be allocated to the new collection. 
Royalties for NFT sales on the secondary markets are set to 4.2% of which 4% go straight into the DAO treasury. 0.2% will be allocated to the team.

Our own streetwear brand will be the first company the DAO starts.
The first designs were created by our teams artist Yataf. For the future we want it DAO members to come up with designs, which plays into our idea of rewarding holders for contributing. Every design choosen by the DAO to get printed will come with a bounty for the artist.
The products for the DN streetwear brand are going to be produced by our good friends at, who are in the streetwear game since 2004.

Our second stream of income will be a MaaS(merch as a service) store.
We will offer services to other crypto & NFT communitys that are outside of Europe. Those services will be the production of high quality merch as well as the fulfillment. Many NFT projects based outside of Europe have European community members. The shipping costs are often holding back people from ordering.

Our third stream of income will be generated by the tools we are creating. The banner tool is already live, in a very basic MVP verison for proof of concept of a trustless application. The idea of this tool is to bring exposure to indie artists, by commissioning backdrops from them and giving people the possibility to discover their work. This is why the banner tool will always be available as a free tool in a basic version.
Quality of life premium features will only be gated later on.

TL;DR: See infographic below


We have created a tool for you Degens to flex your own NFTs on some dope banners designed by indie artists. Type in your wallet address, choose the NFTs you want to put onto the banner and create a JPEG which you can download. BIG DEGEN ENERGY!

This is a beta MVP version to showcase that we can actually build stuff. More features will roll out over time. Once this happens the premium features will be gated through our NFTs.


The Nation was founded by four friends that have a dream.
A dream of a place where Degens can live in freedom.

“The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it.”
– James Baldwin


DOGEFATHER – Supreme Leader & Saviour of the Nation. Mastermind Engineer.

YATAF SMITH  – Usually draws off the chain. 

ARCTIC – Locked up in basement until all tasks done. Got food & sandbox environement. DON’T WORRY ABOUT HIM!

MILLE – Coorporate guy going rogue.

ACE – Gambling Degen. Loves Steaks.